Jamie's Got A Gun

January 9, 2019

It's 4:20 somewhere

I may have failed a little.

It's 4:20 somewhere

Did you know the Sheriff's department in this county has boats? Me either. The camp was closed the other day so I put on pink rubber gloves and picked a bunch of trash up and fed minners at the same time and when I got near the water I ran into a cop in a boat at which point I blurted, "Cool! A cop in a boat! I didn't know y'all had boats. We don't have them at home, blah blah blah..."

He said they had eight boats, he asked where I was from, we shot the bull a minute and he left.

Hours later back in the playhouse, I caught my image in the mirror and saw my bright green IT'S 4:20 SOMEWHERE t-shirt with the pot leaf.

Now as I've mentioned repeatedly, marijuana still ain't legal, and being new to an area you want to give a good impression. I feel I may have failed a little.

Speaking of outlaws, me and Daddy Willie will be looking at the same South Carolina crescent moon tonight. I'll bet he gets a longing in his heart for the forced adoption daughter he doesn't even know about...


I love you, Willie Nelson!